“Judith Farris is a miracle worker.  Before finding her, my voice was tied up in knots…”


“I worked with Judith Farris for more than a decade, and she is quite simply a brilliant voice teacher. Throughout her long career as a performer, she sang with some of the most distinguished and celebrated opera companies and symphony orchestras in the world, working with everyone from Carlo Menotti to Luciano Pavarotti. As a voice teacher, she perfected the Keith Davis Technique of Vocal Training….Judith is an exquisite artist and an extraordinary and motivational teacher to students and professionals of all levels. Her interpretation of the Keith Davis Technique is amazing, having both immediate and long-term effects on her clientele. Judith Farris is one of the top vocal coaches in the United States. She proves every day that pitch really does happen!”
-Kenneth L. Stilson, Ph.D., Conservatory Chair – The Jeanine Larson Dobbins Conservatory of Theatre & Dance

 and Executive Director, Lanford Wilson New American Play Festival

-Kenneth L. Stilson, Ph.D.,

Conservatory Chair , The Jeanine Larson Dobbins Conservatory of Theatre & Dance

“Those of us who are truly lucky, have one teacher who changes everything and brings your future into focus. Judith Farris is that teacher for me. I met Judith at a Masterclass. Standing in front of my peers and a celebrity voice teacher, I was timid and insanely nervous. After only the first line of my piece, she had heard enough and stopped me.  As we continued to work, she was able to immediately transform my tone and presentation. I knew that I had found the secret to break-through my vocal technique dilemmas and insecurities in singing.  Over the years in working with Judith, my voice completely changed, developed, and grew. She not only provided the tools I needed to boost my voice, she also provided the tools I needed to boost my confidence, my stage presence, and my future…”
-Majhon Phillips, President, Music As Language

Majhon Phillips

President, Music As Language

“After more than 20 years, Judith Farris continues to be my vocal teacher and mentor. She believes that with the right technique, singing can be easy and fun. She has helped me to free my vocal instrument. Through her training I’ve come to understand that I have one voice with many resonances – unlike the popular belief that we have three voices with breaks in between. That has translated into not only a freer, stronger sound, but also the ability to get on stage and never worry about my voice…”
-Gretchen Reinhagen, New York City, Teacher & Multi-Award-Winning Vocalist and Director

Gretchen Reinhagen

New York City, Teacher & Multi-Award-Winning Vocalist and Director

“Judith Farris is a miracle worker.  Before finding her, my voice was tied up in knots after many years of training with counterproductive teachers.  Judith helped me eliminate numerous vocal problems, including weakness in my mid-range, which many refer to as a break.  She also helped me build strength, confidence, and poise.  Having been exposed to numerous singing teachers over the years, I can unequivocally say that she is the best in her field.  No matter what styles or genres you prefer, Judith can bring out the best in your instrument. I have witnessed her do this not only with me but many other students as well.  Both on a personal and professional level, my life has been deeply blessed since the day I met Judith Farris.  She is a true treasure.” – Katherine La Forte

Katherine La Forte

“Judith’s approach cuts through everything you think you knew about producing a beautiful tone. Her goal is to help you  abandon all effort — i.e. the tension and other breath-hampering obstacles — that stands in the way of your voice, and by which she means your own voice, your true, singular voice.  She starts with the premise that no matter how much you improve (and you will!), there’ll always be greater resonance to discover.  As she makes clear, and as I’ve now experienced as a longtime student, this ongoing quest is where the satisfaction actually lies.  It’s quite a journey, and it’s hard to imagine either a teacher or a technique with a more straightforward style in pursuit of greater goals.”

-Susan Bernfield, Founder and Artistic Director/Producer of New Georges

Susan Bernfield

Founder/Artistic Director/Producer, New Georges

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